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Mold Glossary

Glossary (links) for information about the different molds identified in your mold lab analysis report in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral and Ft Myers, Florida. 

An index of some commonly encountered fungal genera


Acremonium to Curvularia

Neosartorya to Rusts

Acremonium sp.

Alternaria sp.


Amphobotrys sp.

Annellophora/Taeniolella rudis

Aphanocladium sp.

Arthospore formers

Arthrinium sp.

Arthrobotrys sp.


Ascotricha sp.

Aspergillus sp.

Aureobasidium sp.

Bactrodesmium sp.


Beauveria sp.

Beltrania sp.

Bipolaris sp.

Blastobotrys sp.

Botryodiplodia theobromae

Botryomyces sp.

Botrytis sp.

Calcarisporium sp.

Cephaloascus sp.

Ceratocystis/Ophiostoma group

Cercospora sp.

Chaetomium sp.

Choanephora sp.

Chromelosporium sp.

Chrysonilia sp.

Chrysosporium sp.

Circinella sp.

Cladosporium sp.


Cunninghamella sp.

Curvularia sp.

Neosartorya sp.

Nigrospora sp.

Nodulisporium sp.


Ochroconis sp.

Oedocephalum sp.

Oidiodendron sp.

Oidium sp.

"Other colorless"

Paecilomyces sp.

Penicillium sp.

Periconia sp.

Peronospora sp.

Peziza sp.

Phialocephala sp.

Phialophora sp.

Phoma sp.

Pithomyces sp.

Polythrincium sp.

Poria incrassata

Pycnidial formers

Pyrenochaeta sp.

Rhinocladiella sp.

Rhizopus sp.



Dactylaria to Myxotrichum

Sartorya to Zygosporium

Dactylaria sp.

Dicyma sp.

Doratomyces sp.

Drechslera, Bipolaris, and Exserohilum group

Emericella sp


Emericellopsis sp.

Engyodontium sp.

Epicoccum sp.

Erysiphe sp.

Eurotium sp.

Exophiala sp.

Exserohilum sp.

Fusariella sp.

Fusarium sp.

Geomyces sp.

Geotrichum sp.

Gliocladium sp.

Gliomastix sp.

Gonatobotrys sp.

Gonatobotryum sp.

Graphium sp.

Helminthosporium sp.

Hyalodendron sp.

Lasiodiplodia theobromae

Leptosphaeria sp.

Memnoniella sp.

Microascus sp.

Microstroma sp.

Monilia sp.

Mortierella sp.

Mucor sp.

Mycotypha sp.

Myrothecium sp.


Myxotrichum sp.

Sartorya sp.

Scedosporium sp.

Schizophyllum commune

Scolecobasidium sp.

Scopulariopsis sp.

Sepedonium sp.

Septonema sp.

Serpula lacrimans


Sordaria sp.

Spadicoides sp.

Spegazzinia sp.

Spiniger state of Heterobasidion species

Sporobolomyces sp.

Sporormiella sp.

Sporothrix sp.

Sporotrichum sp.

Stachybotrys sp.

Stemphylium sp.

Stephanosporium sp.

Syncephalastrum racemosum

Taeniolella sp.

Tetraploa sp.

Thysanophora sp.

Torula sp.

Trichocladium sp.

Trichoderma sp.

Trichosporon sp.

Trichothecium sp.

Tritirachium sp.

Ulocladium sp.

Ustilago sp.

Verticillium sp.

Wallemia sebi


Zygosporium sp.

EMSL Labs provide pictures and a very good mold glossary on the link below:

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