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Cape Coral Mold Inspections

The Florida Licensed Mold inspector with proven knowledge and experience naturally will do the best job.  Hire Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE).

Cape Coral homeowners should understand that experience is the key to the best mold assessment.  Radon & Mold Professionals has three of the most experienced FL licensed mold assessors (inspectors) in SW Florida; each with at least 10 years experience.  Mold is not a side job for us, we are not home inspectors.

We are Indoor Air Quality specialists, we leave the home inspections to the generalists. 

Please contact our office to schedule:
Radon Tests / Mold Assessments (inspections) & Sampling
Formaldehyde & VOC Tests / Allergen Screening in Cape Coral

Radon & Mold Professionals Toll free: (800) 881-3837
195 th Street, Bonita springs, FL 34134 .... (239) 498-4619
188 1st Street, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 .... (239) 948-9717


Experienced Cape Coral Mold Assessor
Ft Myers / Cape Coral (239) 948-9717

Mold Tests (sampling) are only part of an Cape Coral or Naples Mold Inspection.  A visual inspection, infrared thermal imaging check of structure, moisture detection with moisture meters are just as important as the mold test (Mold-Air Sampling).  Remember, Mold tests (air sample collection) can be affected many varibles that can give a false positive or negative.  Very few Home Inspectors are certified for mold inspections by the ACAC which requires 2 years experience.

Radon & Mold Professionals State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessors are ACAC board Certified Indoor Environmentalists and can provide Mold Inspections / testing, Formaldehyde testing and radon testing for Cape Coral, Ft Myers, Sanibel Island and the surrounding areas.  We are experienced and insured including $2 million liability with errors and omissions insurance.

Home inspectors and mold inspectors are two different professions. Florida law requires mold inspectors to carry $1,000,000 liability and errors and omissions insurance.  No Experience requirement for home inspectors.  Mold inspections are environmental issues and are not part of any "standard of practice" for home inspectors. Florida law regulating Home Inspectors and Mold Inspectors protects the consumer from unqualified mold inspectors.

A Professional  mold inspector will determine if property has a mold/moisture problem, identify and document the sources and write recommendations for corrections. (for the client and remediation company if needed). ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalist or a Certified Industrial Hygienist is qualified to determine if a home has a mold problem and determine what should be done to correct mold problem    

The job of the remediation company is to clean up mold, not find it.

Mold inspectors should be certified by the American Indoor Air Quality Council.  This is the only environmental association that requires 2 years experience to be certified.  Applicants must also pass a test and be approved by a national certification board.All the other environmental associations do not have experience requirements.Anyone can take a 1 day class, take a simple test and be "certified" as a mold inspector    

"Instant" certification is not available.  Each of our certifications is board-awarded, which means the IAQ Council certification board reviews each applicant's file, including the application, examination score, documented field experience and attention to application details before awarding certification.  All experience may be verified before the applicant's file is sent to the certification board.  This type of certification process is worthy of the time it takes... up to 6 weeks following the study/review course and successful examination." 

Many Labs and organizations offer training and certifications.  New national standard 1100 approved by ANSI, American National Standards Institute March 9, 2009 in Washington DC only recognizes 3 certifying bodies. 
1.      The American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) which offers the Certified Industrial Hygienist, CIH designation.
2.      The American Indoor Air Quality Council, (AmIAQC) which offers several designations:
Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC)
Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE)
Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS)
Council-certified Microbial Remediator (CMR)
Council-certified Microbial Consultant (CMC)
Council-certified Microbial Investigator (CMI)  
3.    The Board of Certified Safety Professionals which offers the Certified Safety Professional, CSP designation    

Radon & Mold Professionals  ..  Over 9,600 mold inspections, hundreds in Cape Coral. Our Certified Indoor Environmentalists serving Cape Coral maintain E& O Mold Insurance and unlike most mold inspectors write recommendations for corrections for your mold problems. In Florida, we are required to identify the source and extent but not write the recommendations for cleanup.

A short video of Cape Coral from the air

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Naples / Bonita Springs (239) 498-4619
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Ft Myers / Cape Coral (239) 948-9717
State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor #MRS5

John Cosgrove, CIE
Florida Licensed Mold Assessor MRSA5
Florida DOH Certified Radon Measurement Technician R1867
ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) 

Second Mold Inspector License issued in Florida from DBPR

Doug Wall, CIE
Florida Licensed Mold Assessor MRSA2
Florida DOH Certified Radon Measurement Technician R1751
ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) 

State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor #MRSA 763

Greg Gomez, CIE
Florida Licensed Mold Assessor MRSA763
ACAC Certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) 

Please contact our office to schedule:
Radon Tests / Mold Assessments (inspections) & Sampling
Formaldehyde & VOC Tests / Allergen Screening
Radon & Mold Professionals Toll free: (800) 881-3837
195 th Street, Bonita springs, FL 34134 .... (239) 498-4619
188 1st Street, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 .... (239) 948-9717


We have provided radon testing, mold inspections and indoor air quality services in Cape Coral, Ft Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples and Marco Island since 1999. We have performed over 23,000 radon tests and thousands of mold assessments.


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