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Naples / Marco Island / Bonita Springs mold inspection  

What is involved in a mold inspection/assessment?

Naples mold inspections require time, inspectors have to look at all accessible areas such as under /behind furniture, inside sink base cabinets, etc. Experience and knowledge are essential to locate the mold and identify the source of the problem.

Naples mold assessors (inspectors) are required by Florida statutes when performing a mold assessment to identify and document the "origin, identity, location, and extent of amplification of mold growth". Experienced mold inspectors will also include "recommendations for corrections" often called remediation protocols. With a good report and cleanup protocols, homeowners can easily get bids from licensed Naples remediation companies. Without a well documented report, cleanup companies may well be cleaning more than needed or miss areas of mold contamination.

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 "Understanding your Naples Mold Inspection / Assessment"

"Mold assessment" means a process that includes the sampling and evaluation of data obtained from a building history and inspection to formulate an intial hypothesis about the origin, identity, location, and extent of mold growth.  Mold tests (air samples) are helpful to determine if a mold problem in one part of a structure has affected the air quality in other areas of the structure.

"All Naples mold contamination projects should have a mold assessment."

If a mold project is over 10 contiguous sq. ft., it will qualify as a regulated mold project and should have an assessment. 

If you have greater than 10 contiguous square feet of damage, it would be large enough to constitute a "regulated mold remediation project" and a formal assessment is required prior to conducting the work. It is important to understand that contractors cannot write their own scope of work (Mold Assessment Report (MAR),) for a regulated project, in Florida, it is a conflict of interest and is already prohibited under the current legislation. 

"What is Naples Mold Remediation"

The goal of a mold remediation is to remove and/or clean mold-impacted materials using approved standards and safe work practices that protect occupants and workers. 

For every mold job, the assessor should prepare a written (Report) Mold Remediation Work Plan (MRWP). This report should identify the source of moisture intrusion and/or humidity within the building and the process to correct the contamination as well as what is required to "clear" the property when cleanup is accomplished. 


Things to remember for your Remediation:

1.    The severity of the mold at your mold project may require the remediator to consult with a Florida-licensed mold assessor to adapt safety guidelines to specific conditions.

2.    Any remediation performed on HVAC/ventilation systems must be performed in cooperation with a professional licensed HVAC professional, (Florida Statutes)under section 489.105, F.S

3.    Mold contaminated areas defined as Level II (between 10 and 100 contiguous square feet of damage) and Level II (greater than 100 contiguous square feet of damage) will require a greater level of protection for those working on the site.

4.     All Level I & II remediation projects should and will require that post-verification be performed by a Florida-licensed mold assessor.  Certified Indoor Environmentalist or Industrial Hygienist is recommended. 

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A Naples Real Estate Radon Test is usually performed with a continous radon monitor (CRM) which will give an average radon level for each hour and the whole test period, levles of 4.0 and up are recommend mitigation.  SAMPLE RADON REPORT
We use Femto Tech monitors but the other common testing monitor now has a report similar to ours. Our monitors collect 18 reading per hour, the other 6 or less. 


Mold Assessor and Mold Remediator license must be renewed every 2 years (even year).

Mold assessment / inspection is not complete without infrared thermal imaging camera survey.  "Wet spots" are generally a different temperature, infrared measures temperature.  Mold needs food and water (moisture) to grow.

Questions for Consumers:  ( In Texas, Florida and Arkansas hire State Licensed Mold Assessors (inspectors)

Florida requires experience, training and at least $1 million liability insurance with E&O for both preliminary and post remediation inspections.

  • Is your mold inspection report just the lab analysis of the samples collected?  (JUST lab analysis should not be used to determine if a property has a mold"problem") used to get preliminary information on whether a mold problem may exist and further investigation is warranted
  • Does your mold inspector take your outside air sample on the porch, lanai or under an overhang?  (not to standards)
  • With no visible mold in a home does your inspector take the inside air sample in front of the main return for each A/C unit?   (standards)
  • If you should end up involved in "mold litigation" can your inspector tell you what standard he followed for the mold tests (sampling) performed?
  • Does your Mold Inspector have "MOLD" Errors & Omissions insurance?  (Home Inspector insurance is not the same as Mold E&O insurance)
Hire State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor.


Homeowners need to understand you Never use just air samples(mold test)to determine if remediation is needed.

Remediation companies clean up mold, it is not their job to find it.

Lab only report ..... A Problem:
Do not
Use just your lab analysis of air samples to decide if property has a mold "problem" ..... here are a few reasons why you should not:
1.  Recent rain can distort your outside count.
2.  Recent lawn mowing or weed whacking in area could possibly stir up spores that normally would not be airborne and make outside count higher.
3.  Not taking outdoor sample away from structure may cause cross contamination of inside / outside.
4. Inside samples taken soon after vacuming could possiblly raise spore count because of transitory or residual spores being blown into air.
5. Doors and windows left open during test could
     cause transitory spores to skew test levels up or down.
6.  Poor Housekeeping or indoor hygiene could result in elevated spore count because of dust
 (containing transitory spores) in the air. 
Accumulation of spores over time in poorly cleaned home, could have elevated mold results / false  positive.
7.  Remember many activities could cause an elevate spore count because of transitory spores.
Making beds, shredding paper, cooking, etc. could all raise the level of airborne contaminants.
8.  The experience of the person performing the sampling (testing) is also a factor to be considered.
 Did he clean his equipment and not bring spores with him?
To base the assessment of whether a structure has a mold issue strictly on the lab analysis should be avoided.

Learn CPR in 111 seconds, everyone in Naples should know how.  May be funny but video shows you how.

Ken Jeong AHA Hands-Only CPR video

One important aspect of the new Florida mold law consumers need to know:
Mold Inspectors and Home Inspectors are two different professions with different qualifications, licenses and regulations.

For consumers concerned with mold or radon, we do not use pro lab services,

Southwest Florida AmIAQ Council-Certified Indoor Environmentalist Mold Inspection and Testing Services,Naples CIE Mold Inspections and Testing, Professional CIE Mold Inspections and  Mold or Allergy Testing in Ft Myers,Florida  Doug Wall ,Radon Testing  ,Radon & Mold Professionals is proud to provide REAL mold inspectionsand mold testing services for Lee County, Collier County, Sarasota County, Hendry County, Palm Beach, Glades County, and Charlotte County, Dade County, Orlando County and all of South Florida.

EPA photo of cleaning mold

The EPA website has been updated as the mold industry has evolved. There is plenty of useful information for the consumer who is just beginning to deal with a "mold problem".


http://www.epa.gov/mold/moldresources.html   EPA mold resources page

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 Mold Assessors (inspectors / testers) are required to be licensed by the State of Florida.

Marco Island, Cape Coral,Bonita Springs, Estero, Ft Myers, Sanibel Island,  Naples consumers should know the difference between a mold inspection and a mold test.

WallRadon Testing, Inc. dba Radon & Mold Professionals
ACAC Council-certified Indoor Environmentalists will perform your inspection for mold or allergies. We provide air sampling, bulk, tape and swab sampling. For clients concerned with species level of mold we also provide PCR testing, identifies mold to species level based on its DNA. Qualitative and quantitive results in 24 hours. We can write remediation recommendations for corrections.
We use infrared cameras and particle counters in our investigations. We use accredited labs for our radon and mold analysis.

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Radon & Mold Professionals is proud to provide mold inspection and mold testing services for Lee county, Collier County, Hendry County, Glades County, and Charlotte county Florida.

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Please contact our office to schedule:
Radon Tests / Mold Assessments (inspections) & Sampling
Formaldehyde & VOC Tests / Allergen Screening
Radon & Mold Professionals Toll free: (800) 881-3837
195 th Street, Bonita springs, FL 34134 .... (239) 498-4619
188 1st Street, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 .... (239) 948-9717


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